Microneedling, is it a fad?

July 30th, 11:10 pm

Who would have thought that people would willingly choose to have a needle studded roller, rolled back and forth on their skin all in the name of beauty? Celebrity fans raving about it are believed to include Angelina and Brad, Jennifer Aniston, Kim K…what exactly is it? Microneedling, also known as skin needling, collagen induction therapy, or percutaneous collagen induction is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that uses a device that contains fine micro needles, traditionally in the shape roller, much like a paint roller. The needles puncture the skin and create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture creates a channel, triggering the body to produce new collagen and elastin. Over time, improvement in skin texture, firmness and pore size will be seen.

 Microneedling uses:

Fine lines and wrinkle
Facial rejuvenation
Stretch marks
Acne scarring
Atrophic scars (sunken scars)
Post-surgical scars
Enhancing delivery of antiaging serums and facial products
Photoaged skin


Good news is that microneedling can be used on all skin types. It is an office based simple and safe method to treat the above skin conditions. It is a cost effective treatment that can be performed on areas that are not indicated for lasers and peels such as around the eyes, mouth and chest. Professional microneedling devices come in the form of manual hand held rollers and range to automated powered devices.

The procedure
Does it hurt? That is a frequently asked question. For your comfort a topical anesthetic cream placed on the skin and with that the procedure is typically well tolerated with minimal discomfort. You may notice more of a red or pink flush to the skin, which will dissipate soon afterwards, and potentially some bleeding. It is a normal reaction to experience this. The number of sessions depends of the individual skin condition. A series, with an interval of 4-6 weeks between treatments is typical, and number of sessions dependent on your individual skin condition.

Can I do this at home?
Yes, even though you the depth of penetration is not as deep as what you get at your doctor’s office, you can still achieve some improvement with home roller devices. If you choose to DIY, the quality of the needles are the most important, and secondarily the penetration depth depending on what you are treating. For general improvement of fine lines, pore size and facial rejuvenation, the most common starting depth is between 0.2mm and 0.5mm, and can be used two to three times a week.
Microneedling is not just a trending topic or fad, it’s clearly here to stay…it works! It stimulates collagen to give you better-looking skin on every level. With ever expanding indications, it’s a treatment to keep an eye on, as we can expect to see more clinical data to confirm what doctors are observing in their practices.


Summer skin: Simplicity and protection

June 23rd, 10:47 pm

Hello Sunshine…summer is here and the heat is on!  The outdoors is calling, embrace the sun while protecting yourself from the harmful and aging rays of the sun.   Let’s get to the basics on what is needed in your summer beauty routine.


We all know the damaging and aging effects of the sun, and how important it is to protect from it.  We have heard it over and over, sunscreen is paramount…but what is the best kind to use?  The sun is the main source of UV radiation, in the form of UVA and UVB rays.  UVA rays causing premature aging, wrinkling and age spots while UVB rays play the major role in skin cancer.  SPF stands for sun protection factor, and refers to the amount of UVB protection a sunscreen offers.  Higher SPF numbers help, however double the SPF number doesn’t necessary equate to double the absorption of rays.  For instance an SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB radiation, but an SPF 30 only increases the blockage slightly to 97%, therefore especially if you are outdoors, it’s important to reapply every 2 hours.

Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection, a SPF rating of 30 or higher and is gentle enough to wear every day.

SPF, however is not enough to protect you from sun damage.  The most protective sunscreens are broad spectrum, which contain both UVA and UVB blocking effects.  To tell you how good a sunscreen is at blocking UVA rays, examine the ingredients.  Look for UVA blocking agents such as Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, oxyenzone or ecamsule which physically block and shield you from the sun.

Essentially, ultraviolet A (UVA) rays transmitted through the window of his delivery truck have severely damaged the skin on the left side of his face during the 28 years he has spent driving on the job. Photo from The New England Journal of Medicine.


With so many skin care choices how does one choose?  It’s a trial an error process, find what works and feels good on your skin and keep it simple.   The basics include cleansing and moisturizing, after that it is essential is that you protect the skin, exfoliate it and an fight off further aging with an antioxidant.


The benefits of getting rid of those dead skin cells through regular exfoliation will keep your skin in the best shape.  Your pores can accumulate dirt and other debris, causing breakouts; on top of that, add the summer heat and your pores will appear larger.  Exfoliation helps slough off dead skin cells, remove dirt and keep pores looking smaller, showcasing that glowing complexion.

In general, depending on your skin type exfoliate at least 2 times a week


Antioxidants are a strong defense against the free-radical damage that is responsible for the signs of aging.   Adding an antioxidant to your skin care routine is fundamental, and may be one of the most important additions to fight aging.  There are a myriad of antioxidants in skin care products today, with the latest in vogue beauty claims.  If in doubt, keep it simple; use what is tried and true.  Some of the most research comes from Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A (Retinol), or green tea to name a few.  Pick one, or even two for that matter, as antioxidants work together to promote cellular repair and healing.  Research shows that antioxidants work in concert with each other to combat the signs of aging.  The additive effects of combining an antioxidant with a sunscreen can enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens in fighting off and preventing sun damage, wrinkles and dull skin.

Antioxidants and Sunscreen work well together to fight off aging effects of the sun

The beauty manufacturing companies are listening, we want to simplify our daily beauty routines.  Expect to see more and more combination products with the essentials of skin care. Cleansers with exfoliants, moisturizer packed with antioxidants, sunscreens with antioxidants, and the combinations are endless.  They know that by combining products and keeping the products to a minimum, our beauty routines become more manageable.  With all of us multitasking and juggling responsibilities and work and home, I welcome that, since I am always on lookout for ways to make my life easier. Let the summer fun begin, “Hello Sunshine”.


In the spotlight with Neiman Marcus on Summer Beauty Regimen





Meeting the Neiman Marcus Faces of Beauty

February 26th, 7:23 pm


Being selected as one of Neiman Marcus Spring 2015 Faces of Beauty has been an extraordinary experience. It has been most remarkable getting to know the other women and a privilege to be a part of such a stylish and accomplished group.  With luxe brand class, Neiman Marcus welcomed all of us in this celebration of beauty.  We toasted our individual accomplishments ranging from, a passionate cook whose charity supports Alzheimer’s disease, a stylish fashionista who volunteers  to help local communities in need ,  a stylish mom who counsels war veterans, a diversity advocate who charities reach internationally, an avid golfer who advocates for children’s rights and myself who with my college roommate help build the Eunice Wavomba Foundation, a medical charity for women and children in rural Africa.     This diverse group of confident women were beautiful way beyond skin deep, a fitting portrayal of the Neiman Marcus search of “beautiful from the inside out”.


Honored to be a part of this amazing group of women

Honored to be a part of this amazing group of women

In this brief moment in time we all celebrated, laughed and shared together, departing with  lifelong memories from this rare connection.  I admire the confidence portrayed by these extraordinary women.  Overall, the thread that connected all of us was that we all used our talents and uniqueness to give back, to make this world a more beautiful place.  We still keep in touch via group text,  like a new found sisterhood, it’s been fun sharing life events and of course our excitement with sneak peak previews on featured beauty products or events surrounding the Neiman Marcus Faces of Beauty campaign.

Watch the video and more at www.NeimanMarcus.com/FacesofBeauty


How fun to have made the cover!

How fun to have made the cover!







Neiman Marcus Faces of Beauty

The Gift of Beauty

February 18th, 4:13 pm

In my world, beauty manifests in reflections of symmetry and balance. My workday consists of the constant quest to strike more balance and obtain more symmetry. Using my tools of the trade from Botox to lasers to surgery I strive to give patients the “gift of beauty” , which in turn translates into a more confident you. Although I love my work, like every other working woman, arrive home from my day tired and exhausted. With the exception of fiercely protecting and stealing away to my one hour of exercise at my Bar Method class, my next job starts as I walk into my home to juggle all the responsibilities of a “domestic engineer”.
My home is my sanctuary, I feel lucky that after 11 years of marriage I still get excited when I pull up and I see his car in the driveway. Even after all these years, no matter if I come home with scrubs and hat hair from surgery or with my face peeling from new products we are trying out at the office, through the the eyes of my “beholder” , he still tells me I am beautiful. So much so, that he secretly nominated me and entered me as a contestant in the Neiman Marcus Faces of Beauty search. He said he wanted me to experience being on the receiving end, and to be given the “gift of beauty”. I was shocked and taken off guard when Neiman Marcus contacted me that I was one of the six Faces of Beauty chosen from across the nation. Many different thoughts raced through my mind. I was initially flattered and excited, a twinge of anxiety started. I have never entered a beauty contest, didn’t know what to expect, wondered about what the other winners were like.

Dr Julie Edween, Neiman Marcus Faces of Beauty shoot

Dr. Julie Edween,  Neiman Marcus Faces of Beauty shoot

 The Neiman Marcus experience
It started off with delivered beautifully wrapped gift box of full Neiman Marcus beauty award winning favorites…exquisite little treasures of indulgences made me feel like a kid in a candy store. They wanted our opinion on what we loved and can’t live without. Next, being flown to NM Dallas Flagship store with a wardrobe session filled with clothing of my dreams, and yes, they let me keep the Brunello Cucinelli dress I selected and was photographed in. After hair and makeup it was off to the photo shoot with top photographers that magically were able to capture my best angles and highlight my best features. It’s amazing how precise lighting and makeup can simulate what I can do with injections and a scalpel. As the bright lights from the cameras kept firing couldn’t help but think wow,…. way to make a woman feel beautiful…this is pretty exciting.
I applaud Neiman Marcus for their campaign focus of “beautiful from the inside out”. As I sat on the plane back to Los Angeles, I reflected on the whirlwind of events during this brief moment in time. I am convinced now more than ever that true beauty really does start from the inside, and the symmetry and balance of beauty is the way you live your life. That is what people mean, and feel when they exclaim, “wow, she is really beautiful”.
Next blog, meet the other faces of beauty winners, the shots that made the Neiman Marcus web page, online video and the magazine cover.


The changing face of Men: Beyond shaving…from Bro-tox to surgery

January 27th, 12:13 am

Times have changed and we are seeing a rapid growth of men emerging, embarking on the quest of restoring or preserving a youthful appearance. First the term metrosexual, and next “yummies”…that would be young urban males, a term my young niece educated me on. It only takes a glance to notice the growing number of male magazines and the growing male-centric marketing campaigns to men’s fashion and appearance.

Men, like women are motivated by the need to preserve their appearance and ward off signs of aging. Priority is shifting to staying competitive in the fiercely challenging job market. Statistics show that cosmetic surgery in middle age and older men are up almost three times from which it was 15 years ago. Men, like women have jobs in which looks play a part. I’ve heard statements like “I don’t want to be looked at as older or a wiser father figure, I want to be viewed on the same playing field as the younger guys”. I have also seen a growing emphasis placed on appearance in the younger males who stay on trend with the latest fashion. Men are comparable to women in that they come in wanting treatments that slow the aging process. Skin rejuvenation, minimally invasive procedures such as Botox or what they call “Bro-tox”, fillers and laser hair removal are high on the list. Men are discovering that these small procedures have such a large impact, and can boost confidence in both the work force and in social settings.
As male vanity is reaching new peaks, increasingly acceptable are procedures that contour the body. Changes to the shape of the nose through rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery have always been the most popular procedures. Staying in shape isn’t just about sweating and how much you bench press. Body consciousness has risen to a new level. Growing in popularity is liposuction and male breast reduction, sculpting away the stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise. In fact it has been said that male aesthetic procedures are set to increase approximately 10% per year in upcoming years.

The male patient today is one that understands the importance of looking your best. Women have infiltrated the work force previously dominated by men, it’s only fair that men can conversely enter the beauty industry and start taking advantage of our best kept secrets. What’s next…I guess we’ll have to share more real estate in the bathroom cabinet, and be on close guard over our treasured of anti-aging serum.