Out of town patients | Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Dr Edween's expertise in the cosmetic surgery field draws patients from many different states and internationally.  Her office is committed to making your experience as stress free as possible and dedicated to helping your travel logistics and needs.  Prior to your travel it is important to answer all your questions provide you with as much information as possible.  We are committed to making your experience as stress free as possible and dedicated to assisting you with any travel logistics or needs before your surgery in Beverly Hills, California.

Schedule a virtual consultation.  During our virtual consultation, the purpose is for you to communicate with the doctor about your desires and obtain an overview of the options that you have to address your concerns.  The virtual consultation is starting point in which you obtain information, but not a substitute for a formal medical consultation with Dr. Edween.  Prior to your surgery you will have a formal consultation during which time the procedure and your options will be discussed in detail and your opportunity to have your questions fully answered.

How to Send Photographs for a virtual consultation with Dr. Edween
Use a digital camera with the best resolution as possible, or a cell phone with high resolution. 
- Pictures should be well lighted, and in clear focus.
- Take photos against a solid color background
- It is also best to take pictures without makeup.
- Views of photos needed:
- Frontal view
- 3/4 side view done from the left and right side
- Profile or side view done from the left and right side

After receipt of your photos you will be scheduled for a Skype virtual consultation with Dr. Edween.
Please note virtual consultation and other electronic correspondence from Dr. Edween or her office does not constitute medical advice or a formal consultation.  Virtual or email consultation is not an alternative or replacement for a formal consult and does not create a formal doctor-patient relationship. 

Online Consultation Form
All pre-operative clearance must be obtained ahead of time. We will provide you the requested pre-operative forms to take to your doctor and ask that you make arrangements to have the completed forms faxed back to us at least 2 weeks prior to your surgery.

The length of time you will need to stay in Beverly Hills is determined by which procedures you are having. We are accustomed to accommodating out-of-town patients and are happy to assist you with your travel needs, including recommendations for local accommodations, restaurants, activities, etc.”


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